Feather for Nintendo Switch. Review.

How do you play a game that is not a game? The answer is not easy, but games like Feather try to demonstrate that this is posible. Feather is not a game because you don’t have goals or lives that you can loose if you get hit by an enemy bullet, because.. there are no enemies, no goals or targets to shoot… It’s just you, flying over an island, and listening to a relaxing music. Only that.

So, you play against yourself. Yes, you do. Because when there are no enemies or targets to shoot, or objectives to complete, you play this game just to relax. And that’s not an easy task. Nowadays we all live really stressed, we have little time for ourselves and we fight so many stimulus, it’s difficult to focus on something like this game.

ss_3e01468ebdf0e290a25fcd276711aab332ff9f77.600x338But sometimes, we need to do it. And Feather, a game that is not a game, offers a relaxing experience in which we just fly over an island, with no goals, no enemies, and no problems. So, why should you buy and play this?

Because, sometimes, we need to do this. We need some time for us, so we can stop, take some air, take some time and let our mind fly. Oh, did I say fly? Because that is what we can do in this game (that is not game). Just fly. The same thing that our mind should do, for a few minutes, almost everyday. And is exactly what this games offer. and it’s great.

There are some some flaws, yes, and the most important is that there are important performance issues that make the whole experience sometimes a bit ugly. It’s a shame, because the visuals are really good, despite being simple. But I think that with future updates this performance issues could be improved, so the whole experience gets better.

Because this is a good game (that is not a game), and we really need more games (or not games) like this.  Not everything is shooting, running or jumping. Sometimes we only need flying. Our mind needs that. And this is what Feather offers. And we really liked it, despite the performance issues.

Global score: 7 out of 10.
Really recommended, if you want to relax. And you want.
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